Cordeaux Store | FAQs
⬝ Do I have to be a Blogger to share my photo on Cordeaux Flickr Group?
All your photos modeling a Cordeaux Pose are welcomed to be added to the Flickr Group. Feel free to share your re-interpretation of the pose, your creativity is a pleasure to see there.
⬝ Why I cannot edit the name of the pose detailed as MOD?
Some poses at Cordeaux Store are mod which means you can modify the pose with a HUD.
⬝ Why is the pose not working correctly?
There are two important facts to check before contacting the store. First, you have to use a bento updated enabled viewer. Secondly, check if you have your AOs turned off.
⬝ Where can I find information and features about the pose before purchasing them?
Find details and features listed on our Marketplace store site. Just select the pose you are interested in and read the information shared in the details section. However, you can always try the Demo at the In-world store before purchasing.
⬝ Can I have a discount?
All poses purchased In-world have the discount option if you are a member of Cordeaux Store Group. You can join automatically at the front desk located on the In-world store after clicking the join group terminal. Remember, you have group gifts at the In-world store for you if you are already a member.

Cordeaux Store | Store Policy 

⬝⬝⬝ Bento ⬝⬝⬝
It's always very important to remember you must use a bento enabled viewer in order to see our poses working correctly and properly.
⬝⬝⬝ Demos ⬝⬝⬝
You can always try any Pose on sale at our In-world store before purchasing them.
⬝⬝⬝ Redelivery ⬝⬝⬝
If you bought any pose and the package has not been delivered yet go to In-world store in order to get the redelivery. In case you have any issue after trying at the redelivery terminal, please drop John Cordeaux a notecard with the transaction number.
⬝⬝⬝ Refunds ⬝⬝⬝
All Cordeaux Store Poses are Copy/No Transfer. This is the reason why refunds are not provided. Always try the demos located at the InWorld Store before purchasing any Pose. If you had any issue with a pose, please drop the details on a notecard so you can be contacted in order to check on the situation and once verified your money will be refunded to you.

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